Carrier Ops

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We took plenty of pictures of Air Operations on the Kearsarge and the other carriers we flew off of while on SAR Det. First and foremost we had great maintenance crews to keep us ready to go and other unsung heroes working below decks, as well,  to keep us going. We all took pictures of our favorite SARCAP/RESCAP escort, the A-1E Skyraider. Ya gotta love a plane that flies down in the treetops with you, carries lots and lots of ordinance and can stay on station with you for hours. We were all sorry to see the last ones retired in 1968. A-4s and A-7s just aren't the same thing. We didn't seem to feel compelled to take pictures of them.

Our flight deck maintenance crew was the best in the business

Master Chief Abbott thinks it over

Taking a short break during flight ops

Plane Captains - some of the hardest working guys you'll ever see on the flight deck

Change a main gearbox at sea?

No sweat!

Ordance Shop BB Stackers - M-60 in the rack on the right

ADJ1 Sherrill and the trusty T-58

Personnel/Admin office folks - another important part of the cog

A-1s landed on the Kearsarge one day

A-1E from VA-145 on the USS Intrepid

A-1 Skyraider on the USS Oriskany dwarfs the "Scooter" behind it.

So long Ol' Friend - last of the Skyraiders flies off for the last time

We operated SAR Dets off the CVAs

Waiting to load bombs

We spend way too much time out here in Angel and Starboard Delta

Holiday Routine Kearsarge style - holiday for the ship and routine stand-by for the helo crews

We carried a Christian Science Monitor reporter around

An Indian Gal above the clouds on the 1971 Med cruise

Indian Gal and a friend during HS-6's first Med cruise in 1971

Just another day at the office

Lift Off - Free at Last!

The Angel and a Dipper

Starboard Delta - what could be more fun?

Markings of the 1966 cruise include the insignia below the cockpit window

Everyone took pictures

By the 1969 cruise this white and gray color scheme graced our birds

Big blue arrow and the Indian Gal is now in the window

Touch down,

shut down,

fold and

strike below

On the wash rack later on when HS-6 was assigned to the USS Independence - arrow is now on the FOD shield