Tiff Hawks

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bullet 20 August 1966 -
Lt Bill Roy/Lt Vann Goodloe/AX3 Rodger Sitko/AX3 Russell Sprague - Indian Gal 51 (non-armored SH-3) to the rescue of RF-4C pilot Captain Tiff Hawks (Callsign "Torpedo"), USAF.  SARCAP by an A-1H "Locket" flight from USS Oriskany (CVA-34) led by Lt John A. Feldhaus, USN. Read Tiff's account of his shoot-down, evasion and rescue (caution - 12 MB PDF file - broadband users only). Read rescue synopsis.     bullet Read more about the rescue efforts as described in "Leave No Man Behind - the Saga of Combat Search and Rescue" by George Galdorisi and Tom Phillips. This excerpt used with the gracious permission of the authors. The book can be ordered from Amazon.com and many other book sellers.    
Capt Tiff Hawks and Bill Roy inside Indian Gal 51 immediately after being hoisted aboard - Vann Goodloe photo The crew of unarmored Indian Gal 51 on Kearsarge  after the rescue, L-R: Vann Goodloe, Bill Roy, Sitko, Sprague Capt Tiff Hawks, USAF is one very happy guy after being rescued from North Viet Nam by the crew of Indian Gal 51!
    Cdr Vermilya presents awards to the crew involved in the 20 August rescue. L-R: Bill Roy (Silver Star), Vann Goodloe (DFC), Sprague (Air Medal), Roger Sitko (Air Medal). VAdm Conolly (Khakis) and Capt Nyberg, CO of Kearsarge (Whites) look on.  
RF-4C similar to the one Tiff Hawks was flying when shot down Tiff Hawks and his back-seater near end of his last Viet Nam tour
  Indian Gal 51 on Our 1967-8 cruise  
Indian Gal 51 turns up for launch during the 1967-8 WESTPAC cruise and... launches off the angled deck Indian Gal 51 sits in the pack during the cruise

Read Tiff's letter to the Raunchy Redskins that was read at our 2009 Reunion in Pensacola, Florida

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