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Our WESTPAC Deployments


9 June 1966 to 20 December 1966


18 August 1967 to 5 April 1968


29 March 1969 to 4 September 1969

During the deployments above the Indian Gals of HS-6 conducted a wide variety of operations in support of the US Seventh Fleet, US Forces in Viet Nam, President Johnson at the Seven Nation Conference in Manila, participated in Combined exercises with our Allies and responded to the North Korean's seizure of the USS Pueblo in the Sea of Japan. The links below will take you to more information about each of these endeavors.

Combat SAR SAR Pix LBJ Support USS Evans Special M-60 Carrier Ops UnRep Misc Ops

USS Pueblo (AGER-2)

On January 23, 1968, the USS PUEBLO was attacked by North Korean naval vessels and MiG jets. One man was killed and several were wounded. The Eighty-two surviving crew members were captured and held prisoner for 11 months. HS-6, embarked in the USS Kearsarge departed the South China Sea en route to the Sea of Japan where we operated for over a month in freezing conditions before departing for San Diego on 19 March 1968. Bob Chiccia, senior enlisted Marine aboard at time of capture, participated in the Bonita, California's Veterans' Memorial Flag Ceremony on 11 April 2006.