Remembering the fallen warriors of Indian 617 - lost 19 May 2009

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The Fallen Warriors

Contribute to the "HS-6 Memorial Fund"

Memorial Service photos aboard the USS Nimitz (CVN-68)

Tom Pocklington's photos of the Memorial Service aboard the USS Midway

USS Midway Memorial Service Program courtesy of Tom Pocklington - caution 8.4 Mb file!

Press releases about the loss of Indian 617

bullet Search Efforts Underway For Downed Helo bullet Navy Continues Search Efforts for Crewmembers, Helo bullet Navy Helicopter Crewmembers Identified bullet Navy Employs UUVs in Search for Downed Helicopter bullet MCMs Join in Search for Helo bullet Nimitz, Air Wing Sailors Gather to Remember Shipmates bullet San Diego Union Tribune article about the Memorial Service on the USS Midway bulletThe crew of Indian 617 is remembered by VFA-41 pilot Lt Ben "Prof" Kohlmann, USN while deployed in January 2010

Former HS-6 Commander Officer Jack Schuller's Road Warrior motorcycle is dedicated to the brave men and women of HS-6 and to the memory of of the crew of Indian 617.

Read the story of the Road Warrior and the Transition Ceremony from the 1 August 2011 tabloid Military Press

Road Warrior was displayed along side Crazy Horse.

Lots of HS-6 insignia/badging on the Road Warrior.

Ken Burns and Road Warrior.

Check out the faces of these gauges.

The Screamin' Indian is "On the road again."

Gotta have a brain bucket to match your ride.

Updated: 04/15/15