Snoopy Goes to West Pac

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We're all familiar with the famed Viet Nam Flying Ace who graced our flight schedule.  Snoopy was so well known and admired by everyone on the USS Kearsarge by the end of the 1969 deployment that Rear Admiral King, COMASWGRU 1, awarded him a special citation for his "exceptionally humorous  service."  Click on thumbnail to open the JPEG citation or click here for the entire PDF citation package.


Now you can vicariously relive (or maybe recall) those exciting days through the efforts of Ross Mordhorst, Russ Morris and Gordon Thomas. Ross got the ball rolling in 1966 as Snoopy made his first appearance on October 7th. Snoopy came with us on the 1967-8 cruise with Ross doing the lions share of work, but be sure to read the acknowledgements at the front to see others who provided support and inspiration. Russ was the artist who created nearly all of the Snoopy cartoons that entertained, and occasionally lampooned, us during the 1969 cruise. He has scanned all of the 1969 Cruise cartoons into the "Snoopy Goes WESTPAC-ing" files below. Simple click the links below and see the fearless Ace risk his promotion opportunities as he helped maintain our morale and sanity during some trying times.  Gordon Thomas contacted the Charles M. Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, CA and obtained permission for us to post our cartoons on our Web site. The Museum has requested a copy of our cartoons for display in the Museum.

BZ to Ross, Russ and Gordon!


1966 - Snoopy checks into HS-6 while the squadron in deployed to WESTPAC   Click Here


1967 Short Cruises - Snoopy is back at sea again after only fours months at home   Click here



1967-8 - Snoopy deploys back to WESTPAC -

Part I

Click here

Part II

Click here

1969 - Click Here to Download and/or Print PDF Cartoons

Click Here to view Cartoon Slideshow

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Updated: 01/18/07