Flight Jacket Patches

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The only patch you'd really ever need!

1967 Cruise SAR Det Charlie Patch

1967 Cruise SAR Det Delta patch. Sort of looks familar doesn't it?

OAMA from the 1966 cruise

Snoopy shows up

WESTPAC cruise 1963

WESTPAC cruise 1966

Kearsarge WESTPAC cruise 1967-8

1966 patch recycled as 1969 cruise patch

Webb Hayes Flight Jacket from the 1967 Cruise.

The most common Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club patch

Another Yacht Club patch

USS Kearsarge

CVSG-53, our Air Wing

SAR Dets worked from Intrepid

SAR Dets worked from Coral Sea

SAR Dets worked from Constellation

Updated: 01/16/07