Al Fox & Bill Reed's Letters to Our Families

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Al Fox's Letters from the 1967-8 Cruise

18 September 1967 - A month after we left San Diego - stopped in Pearl Harbor and the headed for Japan. (Adobe Acrobat PDF - 475 KB) - To download Adobe Acrobat Reader free of charge click here.


5 November 1967 - in port period in Yokosuka, Japan - loss of helo but all crew safe - Kearsarge arrives on Yankee Station for first line period - squadron loses another helo and unfortunately AX1 Tom Goen also lost in the accident. (PDF - 5.1 MB)


11 December 1967 - report on remainder of first line period includes details of SAR, logistics and SSSC activities. SAR Det A has 5 days in Hong Kong while Kearsarge and HS-6 are in port Subic Bay. SAR B operates off USS Coral Sea. HS-6 crews rescue 27 Korean seamen from ship sinking after running aground on Scarborough Shoals. Kearsarge returns to Yankee Station for longest line period. (PDF - 28KB)


10 January 1968 - Kearsarge completes second line period - heads to Subic Bay - back to Yankee Station for third line period - in port Sasebo, Japan for Christmas - fire in berthing compartment upon entering port kills AK1 Kenneth Edwards - back to Yankee Station for last line period - squadron rescues 6 pilots during month of December. (PDF - 5.1 MB)


7 February 1968 - Kearsarge on final Yankee Station line period - port visit to Hong Kong - Pueblo crisis erupts - port visit in Subic Bay - squadron rescues four more pilots. (PDF - 996 KB)


Bill Reed's Letters from the 1969 Cruise

4 July 1969 - recounts the sinking of USS Evans and HS-6 response - second port call in Subic and Cubi - back to Yankee Station for logistics support - promotions, hails and farewells - departing for a port call in Sasebo (PDF - 25KB)

7 August 1969 - our 4th of July picnic - more logistics statistics from our line period - reports on port call in Sasebo - participation in a joint exercise with the Japanese Navy - Midshipmen complete their summer training cruise - reduction in flight ops due to cuts to DoD budget - anticipation of Hong Kong port call (PDF - 19KB)

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