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When the last checklist is done and the flight is finally over,

I will reminisce of days that I once knew.

I will not remember the 3AM alerts, but only that I flew.

I will not remember sweating mission briefings

And losing Friends that I just barely knew.

I will not remember the anxieties that I felt,

But the pride in knowing that I flew.

I will remember sights my mortal eyes have seen

Colored by a multitude of hues.

Those beautiful sights on cold Winter nights

Seen only by those that flew.

God was extremely good to me, and let me touch his face.

He saw my crew through War and Peace,

And blessed us with his grace.

So when I stand at Saint Peterís Gate, and tell him that Iím new,

I know Heíll smile and welcome me

Because, He knows, I FLEW.

Updated: 01/07/09