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The one and only original RR card
True classics stand the test of time - a RR card issued in 1975 by Cdr Kenneth Warmbir, CO of HS-6
Nice try, but not priceless like the original RR card
If you're going to run a successful airways you've got to have business cards
Something to keep the "damn JOs" morale up in 1968
Sometimes we felt we needed them before we even reached "The Fleet"
Dick Lynas' card but all of USS Thomason's Wardroom officers became "Honorary Raunchy Redskins" after plucking Tom May, Rudy Cartwright and the rest of the crew out of the Pacific on the night of 3 October 1967
Sometimes a little cross-deck training is interesting - glad we din't have to live here, though
Every journey begins with a single step
CQ - the next big step after soloing
Tom Pocklington's first Instrument Card issued upon completion of Flight Training - 9 May 1968
Tom Pocklington's Naval Aviator card issued 10 May 1968
No "Restricted Pukes" need apply!

Updated: 01/23/07