HS-6 Memorabilia & Nostalgia

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Airfields - were we trained over the years - many are closed now - start at Ellyson Field where many of us got our Wings of Gold and/or taught as Flight Instructors. You can work your way through the numerous fields in the Pensacola area: Barin, Bronson, Chevalier, Corry, Ellyson, Site 8, Saufley, etc. by clicking on Florida at the top of the page.

Al Fox & Bill Reed's Letters Home to Our Families

Aviation Officer Candidate School closes September 21, 2007 after 68 years!

Bar Cards - competition was fierce for our business so they handed out cards to help us remember where we had the most fun.

Baseball Hats - Rudy Cartwright still has his original hat from the 1967-8 cruise

Big Mutha's Story

Blazer with HS-6 insignia - elegantly modeled recently for us by Bill Hobdy

Boat Officer's Handbook

Cards - we all know that ya gotta have cards for almost everything - so here are a few issued to us while in HS-6

Change of Command Program - 12 October 1966

Cigarette Lighters - back when many of us were a lot younger but not wiser!

Coffee Mugs

Crossing the Line - welcome to the Domain of King Neptune - Slimy Pollywogs enter at their own risk!!!

Cruisebooks - the following cruisebook images were provided courtesy of Victor D. Graf, ADCS/Ret. who was in the HS-6 Powerplants Shop from August 1963 to November 1966. When he first joined HS-6, the squadron was flying both SH-34s and SH-3s

bullet1963 Cruisebook - Commander R. R. Riley - Commanding Officer
bullet1964 Cruisebook  - Commander Mark Starr - Commanding Officer

Dependants Day Cruise Booklet- USS Kearsarge - 1 April 1966 (PDF - 6MB)

Flight Gear

Funny Money - we spent the local currency in some places but in others we were issued Military Payment Certificates (MPC) also known as "funny money."

Philippine Peso Japanese Yen? MPC

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Sea_Dragon_%28Vietnam_War%29 - The day we all looked forward to since leaving San Diego: "No more days and a wake-up!"

Flight Jacket Patches and Name Tags

H-3 streaming video clip - you might not loved the music, but you gotta love the shots of the old warhorse in flight - some look like they might have been shot in the Persian Gulf - I'm not sure why somebody put these H-3 clips over Blue Oyster Cult's 70s song "Don't Fear the Reaper" (and then cut in segments from their Saturday Night Live performance with Christopher Walken in 2000 between the H-3 clips) - anyways, you can always turn the sound off and enjoy seeing what we all did when we "wore a younger man's clothes."

Helicopter Humor

Hurricane Ivan hits Pensacola - September 2004


90% of NAS Pensacola damaged


Pensacola Beach damaged


Pensacola News Journal Photos: Gallery 1 and Gallery 2

I Flew - contributed by Al Fox

Indian Gal's Story

Junior Officer's iPad - well not exactly an iPad in today's sense of the word, but it's how we kept track of what we needed to do to keep the "LooComs" happy and off our backs.

Naval Officers' Wives' Club "Sailing Directions" Booklet - my, how times have changed!

Oldies but Goodies - links to streamed 60s music



Traditional HS-6 Monkey Pod Plaque

1986 WESTPAC, IO & Med Cruise aboard USS Enterprise  

Raunchy Redskins By-Laws

Raunchy Redskin Card

The one and only original RR card True classics stand the test of time - a RR card issued in 1975 by Cdr Kenneth Warmbir, CO of HS-6

SAR Det D Stamp - "Cdr Fox report to the Captain on the bridge IMMEDIATELY!"

Shellback Certificate

Snoopy Goes to WESTPAC - see all the cartoons that adorned our flights schedules between 1966 and 1969

Spearman Brewery and Al's Castle Bar on Barrancas Avenue - the brewery closed in 1964 and the date Al's closed is unknown


Trader Jon's
The world famous bar/tavern/strip club or what-ever-you-want-to-call-it is now closed, but its memory lives on in all who ever entered the doors and were greeted by "TJ."

TJ's closes its doors for the last time - Pensacola News Journal - 5 November 2995


Benediction by R.F. O'Connor was published in Naval Institute Proceedings in 1998


Pensapedia history of Trader Jon's


A Marine pilot remembers Trader Jon's

Training - before we got our Wings of Gold we had a lot to learn and accomplish

Training - Certificates & Materials - it didn't stop once we got those precious Wings

USO Show with Connie Francis visits the Kearsarge December 9, 1967. See Connie Francis and other USO cast/crew members arrive aboard the Kearsarge in our of our helos. Scroll to the 3:21 mark. This video was shot by AK3 Paul Savje and restored, digitized and uploaded by his son Adam.

Snoopy was our Emcee that day Connie Francis with some of the crew after the show Snoopy waves good-bye as Connie flies away

Water Transfer Decal

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