Big Mutha

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Here is the real "honest to God, it was so dark that only the JOs were flying night, with no visible horizon, and there I was passing through 30 feet on the RadAlt like a rock" story of the genesis of our current, beloved Big Mutha icon. Well, at least the version that can made public:

From: vonsydow 
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2005 1:29 AM
To: Ken Burns
Cc: ADFox
Subject: Raunchy Redskin's are everywhere


Jerrry Smith was our artist and I'm certain he'll help with a "Raunchy Redskin" logo that we can put on green polo shirt as a mark of our sophistication.

I'll see him on 5-8 Oct in Annapolis. He is doing some nice art work his retirement.


For Skipper Fox: You will be our chaperone.

From: Jerry Smith 
Sent: Thursday, October 6, 2005 7:52 AM
To: VonSydow
Cc: Ken Burns
Subject: re: Raunchy Redskin's are everywhere


Talk about being railroaded - I sort of remember that raunchy patch, but my flight jacket was consumed in a fire on the Forrestal when I was in CARDIV 6 around 1972-73, I remember a cigar smoking, Native American person with bared, very ugly mammaries, etc.  The Admiral, a fighter jock, always regarded the patch with awe, and recalled hearing the Big Mothers having intellectual discussions on Guard during the 66-68 period.  I was, however, persuaded not to wear my flight jacket to formal affairs, East Coast Navy being what it was.  To the best of my knowledge, the fire was not set simply to get rid of the patch, but one never knows - the CNO didn't like it - probably a liberal.
I'll attempt to reconstruct the Big Mother when Vern & Gail are here in Annapolis this weekend.  You may not know that despite his grace, charm and acute aesthetic sensitivities, Vern was known as "Beast" at USNA, and was a guard on the Navy offense when USNA played the Air Force Academy for the first time.  Because of that, Navy is bringing Vern and the rest of the team back for the USAFA game this weekend.  I've laid in a lot of beer - Vern and Gail are a great couple - Gail keeps the old boy in line.  His statement about nice artwork in retirement can only refer to Navy retirement - I went bad after the Navy and became a lawyer (20 years ago) - I do aviation-related international law for the FAA now; pornographic etchings are just a sideline - but Linda throws them out.

From: Jerry Smith

Date: June 6, 2006 4:24:06 PM PDT

To: "'vonsydow'"

Subject: Big Mutha



So, putting my meager talents together, Iíve come up with a 2006 version of the Big Mutha.  Note the delicate hint that the boobs might  be a Mae West with red pulls, and not tits with twirlies, the subtle expression and...the thing sorta looks like Gene Egan, in honor of Geneís memory.


Updated: 01/31/07