BuNo. 152121

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Onboard Kearsarge in dark gray paint scheme.

Indian Gal 53 lifts off - during the 1966 or 1967/8 cruise

Indian Gal 53 out over the Gulf of Tonkin carrying a drop tank on the forward startboard station

152121 (side no. 53) turns up during the 1967-8 cruise

Indian Gal 53 moves in for a Hi-Drink

In post-Kearsarge paint scheme.

Later in its service life as a station SAR bird at NAS Key West.

Last configuration as an UH-3H assigned to Training Air Wing 5 at Whiting Field, Milton, FL.

Apollo 14 Recovery, February 9, 1971

Prime recovery aircraft during Apollo 14 spashdown. Probably being flown by C.O. Bill Walker.

Astronauts Stu Roosa, Ed Mitchell and Alan Shepard leave the helo aboard USS New Orleans.


Updated: 01/15/13