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Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Six

Established 1 June 1956 Redesignated HSC-6 on 8 July 2011

All individuals who served honorable in HS-6 from the day it was established until the day it was redesignated HSC-6 are cordially invited to join our reunion group. Contact us for more information.

The Story of Our Indian Gal Insignia

The Story of Our Big Mutha Icon




This is NOT an official US Navy site. We're just a bunch of un-reconstructed Rotorheads having a little fun!

bullet Sixth HS-6 Gathering of the Tribe (aka our 6th Reunion) Was Held in San Diego 15-18 May 2017
bullet HS-6 Viet Nam Era Aircrewmen Eligible for Combat Air Crew Wings
bullet Remembering the fallen warriors of Indian 617 - lost 19 May 2009

HS-6's heroic efforts during the 1966 deployment are captured in gripping detail by the authors in Chapter 37 - Indian Summer.
From the dust cover:
Ron Clarke saw a shadowy figure running towards the helicopter from the right. He wasn't certain if it was the downed air force pilot or a Vietcong. At the same time, George Armstrong, manning the machine gun in the forward left personnel door, shouted, "Here they come - let's get out of here." He open fire with his M60 (on enemy soldiers running) toward the helicopter...
"Full power," Clarke shouted to (copilot Jerry) Smith, who shoved the two engine throttles to the stops. Clarke eased up on the collective pitch lever, and the helicopter began to get light on the wheels.
Back aft, (Jimmy) Conrad identified the running man as friendly and watched him dive head first, sliding across the cabin deck on thousands of empty 7.62mm shell casings like the floor was covered with ball bearings. He fetched up under the troop seat ... grabbing the bench leg to stop from slipping down the tilted deck.
As the helicopter accelerated and then climbed ... the adrenaline-charged helicopter crew began to realize that they were safe and had somehow escaped death or worse.

Leave No Man Behind is available from numerous sources including Amazon.com

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